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Our experienced attorneys provide you with the practical knowledge and encouragement necessary to complete your divorce with the least amount of stress, expense and red tape.

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Your divorce is a life transition unique to you. No two divorces are alike. We understand this and will listen to you regarding what you want. We explain California community property law in plain language and help you understand how it applies to the facts of your case. We can then work together to develop a practical roadmap for you, with the goal of satisfactory settlement. Keep in mind, divorce cases are often 10% law and 90% emotion - we can help you with both!

Divorce Coaching & Consulting Services

Tailored To Your Needs

Our attorneys are experienced, easy to talk to, and easy to reach. We can provide you with legal information and advice on any divorce-related topic over the phone, by video conference or in person. We will answer your questions, offer support and guidance and make informed recommendations. Our consultation and coaching services are tailored to your needs, and you can get as much or as little assistance as you like. No retainer needed. We offer by the hour services, billed in 15 minute blocks of time. This allows us to provide you easy access to legal services while you maintain control over your costs.

Mediation Services

We demystify the divorce process and give you the tools you need to successfully navigate your case through mediation. Our key value lies in our ability to find options and create solutions for settlement. Together, we explore these options and help you and your spouse determine what is best for you. This allows you both to be active participants and control the outcome of your case. You are the authors of your own agreement, not the judge.

QDRO Services

Pensions and retirement accounts are often one of the largest assets to be divided or allocated in a divorce or legal separation. Dividing and/or changing ownership of pensions and retirement plans due to a divorce is a complex process that involves issues related to acquisition, valuation and distribution.When pension funds are divided or reallocated in a divorce, a QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order) needs to be incorporated into the divorce agreement. There are also a number of steps that need to be taken to comply with the law, pension plan requirements and to ensure equitable distribution of accounts. California law requires a Joinder for each plan. From simple divorces to high conflict and high net worth family divorces, Divorce Help is experienced at navigating complex retirement systems and preparing the complicated paperwork associated with pension distributions and QDROs. Unsure if you need a QDRO? Contact the attorneys at Divorce Help by calling 1-800-359-7004 to schedule your QDRO consultation and analysis today.

Document Preparation

Need help completing divorce documents? Want to stay out of court and manage divorce costs? We can answer your questions and help you complete the required documents for your county. You maintain control of the process and the outcome instead of the courts. NOTE: This is not for contested or litigated divorces.

Why Divorce Help?

The reality is the only way out of your marriage is through the divorce process. We tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear.

We are mindful of the emotional component influencing your desired position and will help you understand your options. We won’t hide the ball! We bring a compassionate approach rooted in our extensive experience working with people just like you.

We will:

  • Create a safe forum so you can reach your own agreements vs. letting the courts decide.
  • Provide straight talk and answers to your questions.
  • Help you work together with your spouse.
  • Educate you so you can make informed decisions.
  • Help you advocate for your position

Meet Your Experienced Attorney Mediators

Mary Pollock

Attorney Mediator - Partner

Mary Pollock’s work experience for more than 30 years has focused exclusively on Family Law. As a paralegal, mediator and now as an attorney, Mary has developed a genuine passion for acting as an advocate for people working through various adverse circumstances in their lives.

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Allison McCabe Hardin

Attorney Mediator - Partner

Allison has chosen to dedicate her practice exclusively to conflict resolution. With over 23 years as an Attorney-Mediator and 27 years in the family law arena, Allison is highly experienced mediator and collaborative law attorney specializing in QDROs, property division, and more.

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Hi Arianna, I'm at the end of the filing process for my divorce, and thanks to you and Allison and the rest of the team, it's been a very smooth and anxiety-free process. Not to mention a very affordable service that you offer. I just wanted to say Allison was great at putting me at ease, being understanding and efficient, and I would recommend her to anyone who needs family law help. Please pass this on to her and if you need any additional testimonials or reviews for future clients, I would be happy to add mine.
Hi Arianna, Thank you so much! I appreciate your and everyone’s help with this whole process. You, Anyssa, Mary and Allison made it easy for me and answered all the questions I had. I’m so happy I pick your firm for this. I would highly recommend your firm to everyone.
We were on the “fast track” and boy was it fast. Worth every penny! Start to finish (Judgment) was about eight weeks! Everybody on your staff was delightful! RESTORED MY FAITH IN LAWYERS.
Thank you Arianna. I really appreciate all yours and Allison's help. I was very discouraged after the first status hearing so thank you for helping me through the process. Thank you again!